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Subject: LCD TV/Monitor


Frequently Asked Questions

Question- The volume control on my PowerSpec LCD TV/Monitor seems very sensitive. If I turn the volume up a little, it gets very loud.

Answer- The source (cable or satellite box) may have a volume control that is set to a high level. If so, turn the volume down on the source. Another solution is to turn on the Automatic Volume Control (AVC) on the PowerSpec LCD TV/Monitor.

To turn AVC ON-

1. Turn the PowerSpec LCD TV/Monitor OFF using the Power button located on top of the PowerSpec LCD TV/Monitor.
2. Press and hold the Volume + (volume up) button located on top of the PowerSpec LCD TV/Monitor.
3. While holding the Volume + button, press and release the Power button.
4. The message "AVC ON" should now appear on the screen.
5. Release the Volume + (volume up) button.

If you would like to turn AVC OFF, repeat the process. AVC will toggle ON and OFF each time the above procedure is done.


Question- How do I reset my PowerSpec LCD TV/Monitor to factory settings?

1. Turn the PowerSpec LCD TV/Monitor OFF with the Power button on the top of the unit.
2. Press and hold the Channel + button, then press and release the Power button.
3. Your PowerSpec LCD TV/Monitor will now be returned to the factory default settings.


Question- What is the best resolution to use when I am using the PowerSpec LCD TV/Monitor with my computer?

Answer- LCD monitors have a "native resolution" that looks best.
The PowerSpec 27" LCD TV/Monitor has a native resolution of 1280 X 720.
The PowerSpec 30" LCD TV/Monitor has a native resolution of 1280 X 768.

Your screen will look the best when it is set to this resolution. Use the help function of your operating system for instructions on how to change the display settings on your computer. If your display driver does not support this resolution, check for a newer display driver. The newer driver may support this resolution.

Question- How do I turn off the internal speakers of the PowerSpec LCD TV/Monitor?

Answer- There is not a way to disable internal speakers when using external speakers.
You can turn the volume down on the LCD/TV using the remote control or the volume controls located on the top of the LCD/TV.


Question- The swap feature of PIP doesn't work when I am using Component video input

Answer- PIP is not supported when using the Component Video (CV) source if it is receiving Progressive video input.


Question- I hooked up my S-Video cable, but I do not hear any sound.

Answer- The S-Video connection is for video only. You will also need to connect an audio cable to the Audio In L and Audio In R jacks so that the sound will work with the internal speakers.


Question- My (Left/Right) audio output does not work

Answer- The Audio output jacks only work when using the Coaxial TV connection to output the sound from the internal TV tuner.

Question- There is no picture or sound at all

Answer- Make sure the AC power cord is properly inserted into a working power outlet
Make sure TV is powered on
Verify there is a valid signal source
Make sure the input mode is set to the correct signal source (TV, AV, …)

- There is no picture in AV mode

Answer- Make sure the video source is plugged into the video-in port.


Question- There is no sound

Answer- Make sure the volume is not set to minimum
Make sure the sound is not muted
Make sure that headphones are not connected


Question- There is no picture or sound, just noise, or the picture is not clear or sharp

Answer- The source signal may be weak
Your service provider may be having difficulties
Check your input connections and make sure they are solid


Question- The remote control does not work

Answer- Make sure the remote sensor window on the LCD/TV isn't blocked
Make sure the batteries are installed correctly in the remote control
Install new batteries


Question- The picture is too dark.

Answer- Using the APC (Automatic Picture Control) button on the remote control, select a different APC mode. Also, check the Picture and Brightness adjustments.


Question- My universal remote asks for a code, what code do I use?

Answer- Unfortunately there is no one set code that would be good to use.
You can try these following steps:
1. Use the auto learning function (if available) of the universal remote control to mimic the key commands of the included PowerSpec remote control.
2. Use the auto search feature of the universal remote control to see if any alternative brand codes work.

Question- How do I take the base off my TV?

Answer- Click the model of your LCD TV below for instructions-

PowerSpec 27" LCD TV/Monitor
PowerSpec 30" LCD TV/Monitor

Question- What type of wall mount does my LCD TV/Monitor take?

Answer- This varies with the model-
Our 27" and 30" models both use a standard VESA 100 TV wall mount.



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